Forgiveness key to maintaining healthy relationship

Written by: Mamatha Maben
Published: Monday, October 28, 2002, 13:28 [IST]
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Bangalore: In the cricket world one may not come across a more volatile side than the Pakistan team. The Pakistanis can be world-beaters on one day and absolute under- achievers the other day. They can wreck through a side or they themselves get wrecked.

Off late they seem to have 'found' a new low. I say 'found' because they buy trouble for themselves. There is no other explanation as to why a team records such a volatile graph!

From the recent incidents it is clear all is not well within the Pakistan ranks. This, however, is something that has plagued the team over the years with quite a few incidents of bickering displayed in the open.

Pakistan's recent poor run of form has more to it than meets the eye. And one need not have to go in depth to conclude the obvious.

What I, however, would like to dwell on is not the issue but the cause. What's causing people to live in disharmony and bitterness? Why is it that there always is an issue that doesn't sit well with people?

This, however, is true in every walk of life. It surfaces in varying proportions in different aspects of life and in different groups. And when it comes to the Pakistan cricket team it seems to be plagued the most.

For an answer to this one should look inward than outward. Instead of looking at others, I think, we should look at ourselves. Deep within, each one of us wants to rule the world, be king and reign supreme... This is the ingredient that triggers a mutiny.

Since the problem begins with us, we should make an effort to overcome individual interest by making certain sacrifices for the greater good. We can start by learning how to forgive. It is something that covers over a multitude of hurt and heals wounds.

It is time Pakistan rose above issues and got down to realising its true potential. It is not easy because there is bound to be finger pointing and deeds to that effect.

However, in the larger interest of the game it would nice if each individual starts with themselves and makes an effort by forgiving the other, no matter how bitter the resentment and leave the justice part of it to the one 'ABOVE'.

This I'm sure will make way for a brighter future and benefit the entire cricketing world because Pakistan has some truly exceptional talent and to see it rotting away is a great tragedy.


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