Aussies: High & Mighty

Written by: Mamatha Maben
Published: Friday, May 16, 2003, 18:35 [IST]
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Bangalore: Euphoric, to say the least, was what West Indies and the rest of the world felt when WI chased down Australia's historic target in the 4th Test at Antigua. To come to think of it...it was a dead rubber!!!

Do the Australians need a stronger statement than that?

Well, the Australians are so high and mightily placed that even a non-consequential victory (vis-À-vis the series) is revered.

Having said that, the Aussies have fallen in the sight of many; except their countrymen, with their so-called on-field 'mental disintegration' tactics.

I have two 'takes' on this topic which has enraged the cricketing fraternity.

First on my list of beliefs is that, as a cricketer one does not need any of these tactics to perform or achieve goals. If you are skilled enough you will not restore to such measures.

However, since these things do go on, as a batsman your job is to learn to stonewall anything thrown at you and let your bat do the talking - much like what Sachin does. Sachin knows he has a job to do and doesn't let the bowlers' abuses tickle him.

So my piece for the batsmen is learn to cope with these so called 'mental disintegration' tactics because, in reality, by reacting you are only giving in to them.

When you are able to show the bowlers their place with your bat, they have no choice but to tuck their tails between their legs and disappear - much like what Akhtar and Caddick had to do after Sachin put them in their places.

With regards to the Aussies all they have achieved is... expose their dirty side and thereby mar their otherwise near perfect and enviable image.

They are the world's envy and it would suit them better if they were to work on this one unpleasant aspect of theirs. If they were to be tough with out crossing the perceivable limits and avoid stepping into hooliganism, there could be nothing like it.

Australians are, by far, the most superior team and such unsavoury deeds unnecessarily taint their otherwise awesome image.

Hats off to them for their awesome performance match after match and tour after tour.

Three cheers to the mighty Aussies for being World Champions to the core.


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