'Show Pony' to the core

Written by: Mamatha Maben
Published: Monday, April 7, 2003, 17:22 [IST]
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Bangalore: The subject of Ganguly being India's most successful captain, or not, is still being debated and holds a wide variety of opinions. In some people's eyes there is no doubt that he is India's number one captain, while in other's he is yet to prove his mettle. Has Ganguly won India the World Cup, has Ganguly won a series abroad? Has there been anybody else who has achieved the above two?

Well, it is a forgone conclusion that any captain can win you matches/series at home. It is the reply to the above two questions that need to be in the affirmative for anybody to be termed India's most successful captain.

In Ganguly's case the answer to the first two questions is in the negative and more critically, the question to the third is a 'Yes'.

So much so for Ganguly's claim as India's most successful captain!

Having said that, he is no doubt a competent captain and there is no reason why he shouldn't achieve the above two in times to come. He has thus far given a fair account of himself and looks capable of enhancing his chances.

However, there is little doubt he has been India's most disliked captain.

Well, for people like us sitting afar it is not right to be judgmental of Ganguly the person - what one sees may not be what actually is. However, it is hard to ignore the fact that Ganguly has portrayed the impression that he is highhanded and arrogant in his behaviour. He has also exhibited a selfish side to him.

He has received criticism from quite a few quarters on the above counts with Bishen Singh Bedi heading the 'Ganguly Bashers' group.

In my opinion, Ganguly may or may not be the above mentioned but whatever he is or he is not, he for me comes across as one big 'Show Pony'.

Being the captain of the Indian team entails a lot of 'dos & don'ts' and it is not an easy job. However Ganguly should realise there are a certain 'musts' and being the ambassador of the nation he needs to fall in line with those 'musts' whether it is in his nature to do so or not.

I will not go the length of describing Ganguly's 'cricket walks' up & down the ramp for it is has been showcased for all to see. However if there was a prize for the greatest 'Show Pony' then my vote would go to Mr Ganguly.


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