No individual is bigger than team, come what may!

Written by: Nivedita Aluri
Published: Wednesday, July 17, 2002, 16:19 [IST]
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Bangalore: It was absolutely wonderful to see India triumph in the NatWest series against England, a well deserved and long awaited success. It was a great win as India chased a huge total and won the match, especially because the Indians are known poor chasers.

It is perhaps one of the greatest wins in the history of Indian One-day cricket, which will be remembered for quite some time from now and may be every time someone recalls India's ODI history.

The introduction of young blood in the Indian team certainly has made a big difference. It has reduced the burden from the shoulders of the seniors to a great extent. Not only that, the young feet have given a new life to the Indian fielding. But with the World Cup ahead the team still has a lot of room for improvement.

Yes, certainly the new look Indian team has shown a great promise and the future does look bright provided the success doesn't go to its head. And the media definitely has got a big role to play in this.

The same media and people who had put Sachin on top when he performed well are now severe on him for his failure in the final. Sachin after all, everyone should realise is also a human being not a God or a 'Run Machine'. Probably we the fans and the media together put lot of pressure on our players by expecting too much out of them every time they are out on the field.

It is for sure that Kaif and Yuvraj deserve a lot of credit for their performance in the last few months. But the media should be sensible enough not to undermine the role of the other players in the team too.

For one, take the instance of Rahul Dravid. If Dravid had not volunteered to don the gloves too then perhaps there wouldn't have been a place for a Kaif or a Yuvraj. It should be remembered that the series was won by the Indian team and not by Yuvraj and Kaif. In fact it was wonderful to see all the players perform well in the series.

Every player contributed his share for India's success in this tournament. Saying Sachin had failed is not fair, in fact his two centuries did come at the right time for India. Although he has once again failed in a pressure situation in the final, it has given a chance to the youngsters to perform.

It is really wonderful to see India win despite Sachin's failure. The performance of the youngsters goes to prove that even if Sachin is out early there is nothing to worry and India can still win a match.

Rahul Dravid's contribution in initial matches, Ganguly's splendid knock in the final along with Sehwag's breezy knock cannot be over looked.

The effort of the bowlers also cannot be ignored as more than once they pulled India back into the game with their efforts. Most importantly when the opponents looked to take the game away from India with huge scores.

It was an out and out 'Team Effort'. A team game can never be won because of one person whether it is Sachin, Saurav, Dravid, Kaif or Yuvraj. They cannot reach the targets without the help of the rest of the team members.

Even Kaif needed a partner at the non-striker's end to reach the required target. Not to take away the credit from Kaif but if all the wickets were down, even Kaif could have done nothing.

One has to realise that if a team fails it's the failure of all the members of the team and vice-versa is also very true. No member of the team is bigger than the team itself. The team, very simply, cannot play with out all the 11 players.

Its high time that we Indians realise that no one person alone can win the match for India, whether its Sachin or Yuvraj. So whenever the Indians win, the credit should be given to the whole team instead of to just one individual.

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