Oh! Ganguly when will you learn from your mistakes?

Written by: Nivedita Aluri
Published: Saturday, April 20, 2002, 18:20 [IST]
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Bangalore: Will Saurav Ganguly ever learn from his past mistakes? One always felt that he seems to crave for a lot of attention, and likes to be in the news constantly, either for the good or bad.

It seems Ganguly has now begun to brazenly show his arrogance (may be out of his success) in public. It is time he realised that whatever he is, he was and will be is because of his cricket and not Ganguly the man. It's time, he also borrowed a few leaves from the books of people like Sachin and others to be a little sober.

If it was not for his sheer arrogance of late, he wouldn't have been attracting all the negative attention he is getting from the media. He has no one else to blame but himself for all the mess.

His irresponsible comments and inability to accept his bad form have all the more lead him into trouble. His irrational behaviour, attitude, careless comments (that he wants to bat in number three position because he is bored of waiting for his turn), blaming the juniors or in fact everyone else team except himself for the team's failure have become very common these days.

To put it in a nutshell, he seems to be behaving like a bad student, who doesn't want to learn any lessons. Even after swapping his batting order with Rahul Dravid's for the nth time, he has still not learnt that batting order doesn't really matter if one's technique is sound and the attitude is right.

After going back to his number five position and (now that Dravid has got a half century, one hopes he doesn't want to go back to the number three position again) looking like he was getting in to his past form, he threw away his wicket for a nothing shot hoping to clear the ground.

Now, should one remind him that he is playing a Test match - where patience and perseverance are the keys to success - and not a One-day International. He doesn't need to go for big shots, especially when he is not in good form and among runs for some time now (apart from the century in second against Zimbabwe at home).

He seems to think he can dictate terms every time he goes out in the middle, irrespective of the opponent he faces. Even a master blaster like Sachin moulds his game according to the situation.

He needs to understand that he doesn't need to go for big shots to score a century. All he needs to do is to stay in the middle and graft his innings.

But, hope is an eternal balm and one hopes that he would learn pretty fast that what he is doing out there is not right or good for the team and himself. He has to regain his composure as the 'Prince of Kolkata' before his game and luck (on which he been riding so far) desert him.


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