Sourav succeeds at chin music

Written by: Sunil Vasudeva
Published: Wednesday, December 10, 2003, 20:56 [IST]
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With the first Test over between Australia and India, the Indian players gave the Aussies a lot to think about. However, Hayden apparently had the reply in the second innings and that maybe a glimpse of things to come. All the same, India gave a good display, completely contrary to their natural grain. Hopefully, this is a start of better things for them rather than another flash in the pan.

What does it take to get Sachin out? From the last series here and the start of this one, it takes twelve. Eleven Australians and an umpire (could be the title of a new film, like three men and a baby). We all remember the infamous shoulder before wicket dismissal of Tendulkar during the last tour. What will it be next? Tendulkar bbw (bat before wicket), since the ball would have hit the stumps had the bat not been in the way! While it is true that Tendulkar has a few monkeys on his back, people like "SleepyHead" Bucknor put more over.

Also, all the hullabaloo over the fact that the Indians hired a foreign bowling coach. So what? Did any of the Indian "experts" deliver any advice to Zaheer Khan that resulted in an overnight change as did Bruce Reid? A resounding NO! Therefore, these so-called Indian experts need to just shut up and take it on the chin. There you go - more chin music. Wonder what would have happened all over India had Wasim Akram been hired for the same? Raj Singh Dungarpur would have had a fit. He cannot even take constructive criticism from anyone across the border.

Poor Harbhajan "Justbeer" Singh. He can't get anything right. Maybe Kumble should replace him in Adelaide. He can't do any worse. Remember, Imran Khan was livid over the fact that Ganguly used Harbhajan over Kumble in the World Cup Final. Does Imran see something that the Indian think tank cannot? Won't be the first time and certainly won't be the last.

The Aussies, however, are playing below full strength. How good the Indians really are will come to the fore when McGrath, Lee, and Gillespie unitedly have a go at them. Hopefully it won't be too painful. Have a great week everyone! Mr Bucknor please view more videos to know what a lbw really is!

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