Pak tour couldn't have been timed better

Written by: Sunil Vasudeva
Published: Thursday, February 12, 2004, 18:58 [IST]
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India's upcoming tour of Pakistan couldn't have come at a better time than now. Sourav and his teammates (I still cannot call them 'men', but they have gone past being 'boys') need to realise that for the following reasons:

1) The Indians are playing 3 Test matches and 5 ODIs with the Pakistanis. If the Indians fail, they can always say the same old cliche, "Too much cricket". The mentally blind doting Indian cricket fan will definitely understand that.

2) Sourav won't have to come up with lame brain excuses as Bedi did for India's failure in the 1978-79 tour of Pakistan. Playing in Pakistan after a gruelling Aussie tour is really asking a lot from the Indians. Other countries would rise to the occasion but not India.

3 The Indians will not be playing 6 Tests like Gavaskar's team did in 1982-83 although the losing margin could still be 3 - 0. They'll still have the energy to come back to India and shoot their commercials strutting their stuff on the TV screen with unabated success unlike on the cricket field.

4) There could not have been a more tailor made situation to explain any dismal failures on the part of any of the Indian players. They can always reply, "The security concerns weighed us down, and we couldn't perform up to expectations". However, for that excuse to work the whole Indian team has to perform poorly and that comes so easily to them anyway. What an ideal setting guys! You should be rubbing your hands with glee and be raring to go.

5) Also this is an excellent opportunity to bring Nayan Mongia back as wicketkeeper. If he fails, the BCCI can finally rip his reputation to shreds and put him in the discarded talent bin, never to be resurrected again. So the wicketkeeping issues will atleast be put to rest for a while, and the incompetents can still wear the Indian uniform behind the wickets.

6) Any injuries sustained by the frail Indian team can also be excused with the cliche, "Too much cricket or too much anxiety over security". Now the list of indispositions can include, ulcers, diarrhoea (the Pakis tried to poison them), insomnia that led to loss of concentration, etc.

7) Any fielding gaffes by the Indians in these upcoming 3 Tests can always be attributed to fear of being hit by missiles from the Pakistani audience. "I thought the cricket ball heading towards me was a homemade bomb, so I got out of the way, " the whiny Indian cricketer will say. They can apply this rule to ODIs as well.

8) Excuse number 7 can also apply to pathetic batting displays. "It doesn't matter the ball was from the bowler, a bomb is a bomb. It didn't have ball written all over it so I got out of the way and got bowled" whines the Indian batter.

For the above mentioned reasons, the Indian cricket team should feel under no pressure on this tour of Pakistan. They can be themselves for a change and just play, knowing that failure is expected of them because of all the heavy odds that are stacked up against them with all the security concerns. And who knows, aware that they can fail and not feel bad about it, the Indians just may win a series in Pakistan. Let the games begin!

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