VB Series has turned into Lloyd-Bucknor vs India

Written by: Sunil Vasudeva
Published: Saturday, January 31, 2004, 17:00 [IST]
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I vividly remember Sunil Gavaskar calling the West Indian supporters 'barbarians' after their joyful outburst at seeing Anshuman Gaekwad bleeding profusely after being struck by a bouncer. But now, seems to me that Clive Lloyd and Steve Bucknor want to join their countrymen in the same bracket.

Clive Lloyd's response to the "sticky lozenge" incident was nothing more that a "Big Bully" picking on a straight laced well-behaved kid. So, what else is new with the West Indians? They have always been bullies in the cricket arena.

Malcolm Marshall blowing out Mike Gatting's nose so that he wouldn't get a good score and rescue England. Michael Holding cracking Dilip Vengsarkar's jaw in the 1983 World Cup match just when it looked like Mohinder Amarnath and Dilip were ready to reduce Richards' 119 to a mere footnote and clinch another win over the Windies. Who was the captain then? Of course! "Big Bully" Clive Lloyd.

To add to that Steve Bucknors' churlish insinuation of the "lozenge" incident ostensibly checking the ball for its shape, texture etc and now what do we have. A "Scrawny Bully" picking on Dravid, the straight laced nice guy.

Was his reaction fuelled by the fact that Ganguly made it known clearly the Indian teams' displeasure at Bucknors' incompetent umpiring? If so, then Bucknor is not so professional, is he? I thought he was on the ICC Elite Umpires panel and let me re-emphasize "Elite".

But of course, the ICC will do nothing to defend the Indians. But they are "Yellow Chickens" who will stop at nothing to tear the Indians down. Remember the Mike Denness incident? The ICC made it known in no uncertain terms that the Brit was a higher form of human life than "the children of the lesser God" Indians.

And as we all can see they never did intervene to chastise either Lloyd or Bucknor in their vendettas against the Indians. Had it been an Indian match referee/umpire combo, the ICC would have come down on them like bats from you know where.

It may eventually come to a point that the Indians will be subject to a rule uniquely made for them by the ICC. They are as follows: No appealing for lbws, run outs, etc, no taking the shine off one side of the ball to make it swing better, no celebrating at the fall of a wicket (maybe the Indians should all stand in line and kiss the hand of the successful bowler ala greeting the Queen of England), no sunglasses on the field - it gives the Indians the same advantage as their opposition, and who knows what more.

It will only be a matter of time before the aforementioned will become a reality only for the Indian squad. Everyone else will have their own merry way on the cricket field.

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