Hit the Mute Button!

Written by: Trishna Bose
Published: Monday, March 22, 2010, 22:01 [IST]
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Hit the Mute Button!

IPL 3 has had one major shocker and that is the below average commentary. For obvious reasons one shall not name people, but barring a few (make that very few) the standard of commentary in this edition of the IPL has been MUTE"able!

Discounting the sponsor plugs which these commentators have to indulge in, the DLF maximums ( even here they mess up, by saying DFL) the Karbon Kamaal Katches (some fumble on Karbon) and so on, the overall content of what these commentators say amounts to nothingness.

Given that the teams are made up of Indian youngsters that are not yet on the international scene, just how the firang" commentators mispronounce the names is not funny. But we as a nation accept it, only because we don"t have good enough commentators in our own backyard. Yousuf Pathan is called Munaf Patel, even when he is captioned, now that"s totally unacceptable. Irfan poor chap is always UrrFan! Oh! One could go on and on, but the point being made is, that a large part of the commentary brigade is below average and sadly don"t even care to say the names next - to properly.

They get orgasmic about a four scored and if it"s a six, God help you! Sure one is supposedly excited about this format of the game, but getting uncontrollably excited is not on. Some of the men want to tell you a lot, but end up babbling. And by the way just in case most of you did not know, a lot of what these men say ( to sound knowledgeable) is the constant feeding of information from the statisticians. Very few of these grand men with voices, acknowledge this fact.

This is just the beginning, but honestly one does not remember the commentary being this abysmal. Not all of them, but most! Often when the Indian boys are given microphones to speak from the ground, some of the accents from the commentary room are not comprehensible, so they say that they cannot hear or just laugh of the question.

One hopes that the adrenalin is tempered a bit, and maybe the Indians in the crew should tell the 'firangs" that it is PANDEY as in DAY and not PANDEE .. and give them a list of phonetics. One must mention here that at the Indian Cricket League (now almost defunct) Tony Greig always made it a point to get the names right, and yours truly had to give him a list of how to say the names! For instance Uniyal .. was OONIYAAL for Greig and so on!

For now, we shall suffer the comments of some of these men who should get the crux of their job right. That is to add value, but not to overdo the verbosity and more importantly the orgasmic outbursts of nothingness.

Twenty20 cricket may be the shortest most exciting form of cricket for many, but sensible people would realise that one does not need to create the thrill from a commentary box, the men on the field do that job very well indeed.

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