i would like to act in a movie olonga

Published: Saturday, December 23, 2000, 18:23 [IST]
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Would you agree that you haven't done full justice to your talent?

I think it is true. I could have performed better, could have taken more wickets and could have done more to my country. But, I am satisfied with my performances so far. There are many factors and there have been instances where players have been forced to quit the game at a very young age. I am already 24 and still have plenty of cricket years left in me.

What about the matches that you have missed due to injuries, do you think you are injury prone?

I have missed some matches due to injuries. I am not a big guy as some others are not so strong as yet. May be that's why I'm getting injured and missing matches.

Do you rely mostly on speed for achieving success?

Most of my wickets have come through speed and some of course through swing also. I do swing the ball, but generally I do rely more on my speed and like to bowl in the right area.

When you took to fast bowling, did you have any role model?

Not anyone in particular, however, I was really impressed by Allan Donald and Malcolm Marshall. I was a great admirer of Michael Holding, Ambrose and Walsh. Every team has got at least one or two good fast bowlers, but to me Wasim Akram is the best bowler in the world.

You are also labelled as one of the intellectuals in the game, what you like most about this game?

Cricket is always like a mini battle, I would say sometimes it is like a war. You name any other game say soccer, hockey or rugby or any, they are all basically skills game. Cricket is not only a skill game, it is a thinking game.

You can do a lot of things by thinking alone. You can plan many things if you are a thinking cricketer. In fact you can change the scenario of the match in a very short time if you can think.

What is the status of black cricketers in Zimbabwe?

The overall picture is definitely improving. Besides myself we have got Trevor Madonda, Nkala, Bangwa and a new wicket-keeper, who is also coming along very nicely with a lot of promise. We do have six to seven black cricketers already and few new ones are also knocking at the door.

Do you believe in sledging?

I don't favour sledging. I think it is very much there and we have to accept it. It is like that we all believe that God is there but we also know that God is non-existent. So it is there and sometimes sledging can become humourous too.

Did you face any racial abuse being a black cricketer?

No, as far as team is concerned I didn't have any problem. Team members have a great respect for me and I do respect them also. There have been a few minor things, nothing serious or conscience pricking.

Can you say something about your hair style, which has become your identity?

I think there is nothing special about it. I just like it and I don't think I'll change it in the near future.

What about your ambition?

Nothing special. I would like to play for a few more years and then I would like to act in a movie. Yes I am serious about working in a movie.

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