Published: Tuesday, July 11, 2000, 18:23 [IST]
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What do you think is the state of affairs with the game in India?

In India too it will give the game a big boost, if we are able to merge with the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India). We have a lot of talented players in our country and if the facilities and opportunities improve the interest in the game will last for long.

We should be playing a cricket on a regular basis, both domestic and international. For that we need sponsors. More importantly we need sponsors for our domestic tournaments, so that the girls get a fair chance to play on good wickets. (It is pointless having tournaments in godforsaken places, where the facilities are below standards. Then you can't expect the players to give their best).

Are you satisfied with the preparatory camps that are being conducted with the World Cup in view?

India have so far had just one camp. It would have been ideal to have had a couple of series played against other countries. Most of the other countries are busy playing the others and here we are just having camps.

But at least we have a trainer cum physiotherapist at the camp now. It was a boon really for there are chances of these small injuries cropping up. With the physiotherapist at hand, the girls were more confident and were able to get back to playing faster.

Do you think that the nation as a whole have dealt a step-motherly treatment with regards to the women's game?

In our country apart from men's cricket, I think all other games suffer. The game has to be marketed these days and for that we do need a person who looks into that aspect full time for the game to be popularised.

Do you have any regrets for having spent most of your life being involved with the game or in hindsight would you have preferred dedicating your energy in a more rewarding field?

Looking back, I have no regrets having spent most part of my life playing the game. Monetarily I haven't gained much, but I have learnt so much from the game, for which no school or college would have helped.

What in your opinion goes to make a complete cricketer?

It's not enough just having talent, it's the ability to transform the talent to performance that counts. It's the mental approach, mental toughness that counts.

Do you nurture plans of getting into the system in the capacity of an official in order to help the game develop?

I can't think of myself in the organisation or as an office bearer. I am happy coaching and will continue to do so as long as I am able to. I would like to give back to the game what I got.

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