Brijesh Patel.... The king of Domestic cricket

Published: Monday, September 1, 2003, 18:23 [IST]
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Did you find any gray areas that need to be attended?
We need to sit again with all the captains, secretaries and umpires and discuss issues because they are the people who are actually playing. We need to have some more interaction and see how we go about the next season.

How are the good performers in the league rewarded?
I think our league is the base for our selection for various age groups and this is what we are looking at.

Is it possible to organize two days or one and half days league games?
We need to get into a two-day league and for this we need the grounds and the co-operation of the captains and secretaries of the participating clubs. That will give a very good opportunity for the boys.

Why are we facing a shortage of grounds? And what are you doing about the grounds for the seasons ahead?
We are always on the lookout for ground. Some we get & some we lose. The Air Force ground is a very good ground and they have come forward to help us .We have this land in Aaloor, which we hope to develop this year and with four grounds there I think we should be able to sort out all our problems. All the states have a problem. Everywhere most of the grounds are owned by either the defense or the schools, colleges or it is a corporation ground. As you see in Kanpur they are not able to hold even an international match because the ground does not belong to the association. We have to keep alert and look for grounds.

Now, with so much good cricket happening, why have you neglected the College cricket?
That’s one area we need to concentrate. We are looking at having a tournament for the junior colleges and one for the degree colleges. What is happening is there are so many school and college tournaments happening which are absolutely worthless. Each one is playing twenty-five or thirty overs slog. We are looking at the two-day games even for the college and that will be our next step.

With so many coaching camps in the city, do you think the general standard has improved?
I think there are some good coaching camps being run in Bangalore and it will definitely help feed players to the association. Because the boys are technically trained before they come here it makes our job much much easier.

Mofussil players are allowed to play in the city league but the city players are not allowed to play in the mofussils. Why this disparity?
I think there is more activity in the city and the boys get enough opportunities through interschool, inter college and so many other tournaments that they play. Whereas in a moffusil area there are very few tournaments. A district is so big. The distances are huge and just to play a league match the boys travel long distances. I think it is an opportunity for them to play in Bangalore. Here they will be seen, they will be read about and this is a good platform for them.

How do you compare the league from your days to the present times?
I think now we are getting back to the league what we used to play. No limited overs. Definitely there is an improvement. As I said earlier, the period in between, the guys had lost the art of deceiving the batsmen with good swing or spin bowling and getting wickets. With no limited overs game they will have to rediscover the art. The batsmen will also learn to play the longer innings. Right now the boys are coming and slogging. They are happy with a quick 30 or 40 runs and when they go back to the pavilion the guys are clapping, well played. We need to help them to develop and to play longer innings.

You have transformed KSCA into a model association - what are your future development plans?
I think we need to concentrate on our basic school and college cricket, league cricket and the mofussil cricket. This is what we need to focus on. There is still a lot of work to be done. Hopefully we will succeed with the co-operation of all concerned.

Brijesh Patel, The Domestic cricket King, The King Of Pay Phones (Pioneer of the CPD STD booths in the country), Chairman BCCI selection committee (under his stewardship, India ended Runners-up in the World Cup) and the Hon. Secretary of the Karnataka State Cricket Association. Monarch of all he surveys. Born leader. Let us wish him the very best and strengthen his hands with all co-operation. Long live the King

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