Cricket Australia can’t tell people how to live: King

Published: Friday, August 22, 2003, 18:23 [IST]
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Cricket Australia can’t tell people how to live: King
I know that Australians are very much upholding the spirit of cricket when they play the game. But everyone needs to remember that nations and their characteristics are all so different and nations and the characteristics are the things that drive nations to be successful.

I am not saying people have to mirror the character traits of Australia, the character traits of the West Indies or whatever. But they certainly are attached to nations and say the type of people who we are.

It is unfortunate, like I said, it is the isolated things that overshadow.

What about Steve Waugh? Should he go on or should he call it a day like how a lot of people want him to do so? What is your opinion?

Well, I think Australia should always pick the best side possible. And the selectors for Australia are actually the people who decide who plays or who doesn"t play. It is not actually Steve.

If Stephen"s had enough of cricket and he wants to retire, well, that is his choice. But if he is still playing and he still is playing well and the selectors deem it important that he plays then he will be selected.

From what I see, age is irrelevant. The thing with teams is you need to be careful of loosing a lot of very good players at the one time and bringing in of youngsters at the one time. And Steve is a very good team person and he will be well aware of those sorts of issues.

But at the moment he is playing very well and so you probably think he will continue to play.

One last question. Any comments on the latest Warne episode?


I don"t know much about it but the first thing I heard was the write up in the papers which every one saw. It is crucial to think about how important people"s private lives are and how intrusive newspapers can be. And how public people who have some fame can get.

Cricket Australia can’t tell people how to live: King

Can"t comment on the actual incident but the real people who know what went on are the people who are coming out in the papers and the people who have been accused.

Do you suppose Cricket Australia have been pretty mild in the past? This is not the first time Shane has run into trouble? Do you get the feeling that it is time Cricket Australia cracked the whip?

Well, Cricket Australia can"t tell people how to live their lives. I guess the thing that Cricket Australia needs to uphold is the spirit of cricket and if that is tarnished in any particular way in the actually playing of the game, then, I guess, that is where they step in and that is their role in the game of cricket.

But certainly when it gets to people"s private lives and those sort of things then they are the individual"s responsibility and not the business" responsibility.

You need to remember also that there are people from other countries as well who have been in the limelight for some of those sorts of issues as well.

In the end it is like their public property and I get disappointed when they get written up because I think individuals deserve their privacy.

But because they are a public image and they play in front of the public, the public love hearing about them. That is what news people like yourself (laughs) like exploiting.

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