Georgetown has been a venue of draws so far

Published: Monday, April 8, 2002, 20:06 [IST]
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India will face the West Indies in the first of the five Test series at Georgetown from April 11. This venue has so far hosted 27 matches. The host has almost an even record having won 7 and lost 5, the remaining 15 have ended in draws.

So far as West Indies/India Tests are concerned, neither team has won a Test nor lost a Test - the five encounters have all been drawn. As such it would be very interesting to see whether the underrated West Indies would keep up this record without losing or will notch an unexpected win which on paper looks very remote considering the strong Indian batting line up and the weak West Indian bowling attack. However cricket is such an uncertain game that we have to keep our fingers crossed and watch out what happens. Another factor contributing for the dreary draws is that rain has played a spoilsport in four of the five Tests played. Following are some of the stats pertaining to the Georgetown venue with particular reference to India/West Indies Tests:

Break up of Tests played
WI vsAus6231
Total: 257515
Highest Total
WI569vs Aus1990/91
 470vs Ind1982/83
Ag WI543/3 dby NZ1971/72
 355by Ind1996/97
Other 500 plus scores
WI556vs Eng1993/94
 511/6 dvs NZ1984/85
Ag WI540by Pak1976/77
Lowest Total
WI109vs Aus1972/73
 363vs Ind1970/71
Ag WI111by Eng1947/48
 262by Ind1952/53
Highest Individual Score
WI209CA Roachvs Eng1929/30
 194RB Richardsonvs Ind1988/89
Ag WI259GM TurnerFor NZ1971/72
 147*SM GavaskarFor Ind1982/83
Total Centuries recorded: 50 occasions      
WI29vs Eng-10, Aus-7, Ind-5, Pak-5, NZ-2
  vs Ind194RB Richardson1988/89
   125*CA Davis1970/71
   125CL Walcott1952/53
   109IVA Richards1982/83
   108*GS Sobers1970/71
Ag WI21by Eng-8, Pak-4, NZ-3, Aus-3, Ind-2, SA-1   
  For Ind147*SM Gavaskar1982/83
   116SM Gavaskar1970/71
All Centurions: 20 players
For WI29 occasions
Players Centuries
JC Adams1
S Chanderpaul1
CA Davis1
HA Gomes1
CG Greenidge1
DL Haynes2
GA Headley2
CC Hunte1
AI Kallicharan1
RB Kanhai1
BC Lara1
CH Lloyd1
IVA Richards1
RB Richardson3
CA Roach1
IT Shillingford1
GS Sobers5
CL Walcott2
AB Williams1
FM Worrell1
Ag WI (20 players)21 occasions
DL Amiss1
MA Atherton1
G Boycott1
ER Dexter1
AW Greig1
EH Hendren1
L Hutton1
R Rubba Row (Eng)1
Inzamam-ul-Haq (Pak)1
Javed Miandad (Pak)1
Majid Khan (Pak)1
Saeed Ahmed (Pak)1
IM Chappell (Aus)1
CS Sergeant (Aus)1
GM Wood (Aus)1
MD Crowe (NZ)1
TW Jarvis (NZ)1
GM Turner (NZ)1
G Kirsten (SA)1
SM Gavaskar (Ind)2
100 in each innings
For WI114/112GA Headley1929/30vs Eng
 125/109*GS Sobers1957/58vs Pak
Nervous Nineties:
For WI98RC Fredericksvs Eng1973/74
 96CG Greenidgevs Pak1976/77
 95*GS Sobersvs Eng1967/68
 94ED Weekesvs Eng1953/54
 93BC Laravs Eng1997/98
 91RR Sarwanvs SA2000/01
 91CG Greenidgevs Pak1976/77
 90DL Haynesvs NZ1984/85
Ag WI97*Wazir MohammadFor Pak1957/58
 94GR MarshFor Aus1990/91
 92RS DravidFor Ind1996/97
For WIAL Valentinevs Eng1953/54
Best Match Bowling
WI9/80 (3-51/6-29)LR Gibbsvs Aus1964/65
Ag WI11/121 (7-80/4-41)Imran KhanFor Pakistan1987/88
Other 9 or more wickets in a match :
Ag WI10/115NJ HawkeFor Aus1964/65
 10/142JA SnowFor Eng1967/68
For WI9/122LN Constantinevs Eng1929/30
 9/142J Garnervs Aus1983/84
Best Innings Bowling
WI6/29LR Gibbsvs Aus1964/65
 5/127AL Valentinevs Ind1952/53
Ag WI7/44IW JohnsonFor Aus1954/55
 5/104A AyubFor Ind1988/89
Total 5 wickets in an innings: 19 occasions
WI10vs Eng-6, Aus-2, Pak-1, Ind-1
  vs Ind5/127AL Valentine1952/53
Ag WI9For Aus-4, Eng-2, Pak-2, Ind-1
  For Ind5/104A Ayub1988/89
All bowlers who have taken 5 wickets in an innings:
WI8 players 10 occasions
1LN ConstantineW FergusonJ GarnerJDC GoddardWW HallS RamadhinAL Valentine
3LR Gibbs
Ag WI9 players 9 occasions
1(Aus)AR BorderNJN HawkeIW JohnsonKD Walters
 (Eng)WE HolliesJA Snow
 (Pak)Imran KhanNasimul Ghani
 (Ind)A Ayub
Other 7 wickets in an innings
Ag WI7/50WE HolliesFor Eng1934/35
 7/80Imran KhanFor Pak1987/88
Century Partnerships : 53 occasions
For WI27vs Eng-9, Aus-5, Pak-5, NZ-4, Ind-4
  vs Ind178 for 2ndCG Greenidge/RB Richardson1988/89
   170* for 4thCA Davis/GS Sobers1970/71
   130 for 4thCL Walcott/ED Weekes1952/53
   103 for 2ndMC Carew/CA Davis1970/71
Ag WI26For Eng-8, Aus-6, Ind-5, Pak-3, NZ-3, SA-1
For Ind163 for 3rdRS Dravid/SR Tendulkar1996/97
 123* for 1stSM Gavaskar/AV Mankad1970/71
 112 for 3rdSM Gavaskar/DB Vengsarkar1982/83
 112 for 3rdSM Gavaskar/GR Viswanath1970/71
 104* for 4thSM Gavaskar/Yashpal Sharma1982/83
Best Partnership for each wicket (for all countries):
1st387TW Jarvis/GM Turner NZ/WI1971/72
2nd297DL Haynes/RB Richardson WI/Aus1990/91
3rd171MA Atherton/RA Smith Eng/WI1993/94
4th251CS Sergeant/GM Wood Aus/WI1977/78
5th142JV Coney/MD Crowe NZ/WI1984/85
6th206Abdur Razzaq/Inzamam-ul-Haq Pak/WI1999/00
7th143MD Crowe/IDS Smith NZ/WI1984/85
8th99JK Holt/CA McWatt WI/Eng1953/54
9th109GAR Lock/PI Pocock Eng/WI1967/68
10th97TG Hogan/RM Hogg Aus/WI1983/84
Best Partnership for each wicket concerning India/West Indies Tests
1stWI89CG Greenidge/DL Haynes1982/83
 Ind123*SM Gavaskar/AV Mankad1970/71
2ndWI178CG Greenidge/RB Richardson1988/89
 Ind72*RJ Shastri/NS Sidhu1988/89
3rdWI95HA Gomes/IVA Richards1982/83
 Ind163RS Dravid/SR Tendulkar1996/97
4thWI170*CA Davis/GS Sobers1970/71
 Ind104*SM Gavaskar/Yashpal Sharma1982/83
5thWI71CL Walcott/GL Wight1952/53
 Ind44VL Manjrekar/PR Umrigar1952/53
6thWI87AL Logie/RB Richardson1988/89
 Ind56VS Hazare/MH Mankad1952/53
7thWI88PJL Dujon/CH Lloyd1982/83
 Ind63MH Mankad/DG Phadkar1952/53
8thWI30CH Lloyd/MD Marshall1982/83
 Ind31S Abid Ali/S Viswanath1970/71
9thWI84LR Gibbs/DM Lewis1970/71
 Ind25CV Gadkari/PG Joshi1952/53
10thWI36DM Lewis/JM Noreiga1970/71
 Ind26CV Gadkari/SP Gupte1952/53
Most dismissals in a match (6 or more)
WI7PJL Dujonvs Aus1990/91
Ag WI6GRA LangleyFor Aus1954/55
Most dismissals in an innings (5 or more)
WI5DL Murrayvs Pak1976/77
Ag WI5GRA LangleyFor Aus1954/55
Brief scores of previous five tests at Georgetown between India/West Indies
 1st Innings2nd Innings1st Innings 2nd Innings 
Capt: JB Stollmeyer (WI)/VS Hazare (Ind) Toss: Ind elected to bat
1970/71376123/0363307/3 dDrawn
Capt: GS Sobers (WI)/AL Wadekar (Ind) Toss: WI elected to bat
Capt: CH Lloyd (WI)/Kapil Dev (Ind) Toss: WI elected to bat
Capt: IVA Richards (WI)/DB Vengsarkar (Ind)Toss: Ind elected to field
Capt: CA Walsh (WI)/SR Tendulkar (Ind) Toss: Ind elected to bat

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