Port of Spain has happy augury for India in Tests

Published: Wednesday, April 17, 2002, 0:26 [IST]
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Bangalore: The much-awaited result in respect of the first Test at Georgetown came as a timid draw on April 15. Except for some outstanding batting performances on either side, rain God dominated the match as in many cases in the past. India had to fight for a draw after having allowed the West Indies to escape when it was tottering on 44 for 3. West Indies had lost quick wickets including that of Brian Lara, but in the end it was allowed to cross the 500-run mark.

It now remains to be seen if the batting of Lara would bloom in the 2nd Test at Port of Spain starting from April 19. Both the teams will be eager to forge ahead and take a 1-0 lead. West Indies has won 17 Tests at Port of Spain and it was at this ground that the Indians registered their first victory in 1970-71 under the then skipper Ajit Wadekar.

Again in 1975-76 India made history by amassing 406 for 4 in the fourth innings and set a world record for a win by most runs in the fourth innings of a Test. So India could be optimistic about repeating a victory, while for West Indies too this is a happy hunting ground on most occasions as far as piling up runs is concerned. Some of the stats pertaining to the tests at Port of Spain are given hereunder:

Highest Total
WI 681/8 dvs Eng1953/54
  526vs Ind1970/71
Ag WI 600/9 dby Aus1954/55
  469/7by Ind1982/83
Other 500 plus totals
WI 526/7 dvs Eng1967/68
Ag WI 568by Eng1967/68
  537/9 dby Eng1953/54
  516by Aus1964/65

Lowest Total
WI51vs Aus1998/99
 214vs Ind1970/71
Ag WI46by Eng1993/94
 98by Ind1961/62

Highest Individual Score
WI207ED Weekesvs Ind1952/53
Ag WI220SM Gavaskarfor Ind1970/71
Other double centuries
WI206ED Weekesvs Eng1953/54
Ag WI205*EH Hendrenfor Eng1929/30
 201NS Sidhufor Ind1996/97
Best Match Bowling
WI11/84CEL Ambrosevs Eng1993/94
 11/89MD Marshallvs Ind1988/89
Ag WI13/156AW Greigfor Eng1973/74

No Indian has taken 10WM
Other 10 W M
WI11/229W Fergusonvs Eng1947/48
Ag WI11/110ARC Fraserfor Eng1997/98
 11/149W Vocefor Eng1929/30
 10/78GD McGrathfor Aus1998/99
 10/124EJ Chatfieldfor NZ1984/85
 10/137DE Malcolmfor Eng1989/90
Best Innings Bowling
WI9/95JM Noreigavs Ind1970/71
Ag WI8/53ARC Fraserfor Eng1997/98
 7/162SP Guptefor Ind1952/53
Other 7 wkts in an innings
WI8/25CEH Croftvs Pak1976/77
Ag WI8/86AW Greigfor Eng1973/74
 7/70W Vocefor Eng1929/30

All Centuries (including double centuries): 81; For WI-38, Ag WI-43
For WI38(vs Ind-13, Eng-12, Aus-7, Pak-4, NZ-2)
Ag WI43(by Eng-15, Ind-14, Aus-8, Pak-3, NZ-1, SA-1, NZ-1

Centuries for IndiaCenturies against India by WI
220SM Gavaskar1970/71207ED Weekes1952/53
201NS Sidhu1996/97177IVA Richards1975/76
172*PR Umrigar1961/62161ED Weekes1952/53
163*ML Apte1952/53143CH Lloyd1982/83
156SM Gavaskar1975/76139RB Kanhai1961/62
130PR Umrigar1961/62132GS Sobers1970/71
124SM Gavaskar1970/71130IVA Richards1975/76
117M Amarnath1982/83128SC Williams1996/97
115*BP Patel1975/76123HA Gomes1982/83
112GR Viswanath1975/76115BH Pairadeau1952/53
112DN Sardesai1970/71105CA Davis1970/71
104SA Durrani1961/62104*JB Stollmeyer1982/83
102SM Gavaskar1975/76103*AI Kallicharan1975/76
100*Kapil Dev1982/83   

List of all centurions 
For WI38 occasions 23 players
BF Butcher1
GM Carew1
CA Davis1
RC Fredericks1
AG Ganteaume1
HA Gomes1
CG Greenidge1
DL Haynes1
AI Kallicharan4
RB Kanhai4
CH Lloyd2
SM Nurse1
BH Pairaudeau1
IVA Richards3
RB Richardson1
LG Rowe1
GS Sobers1
JB Stollmeyer1
CL Walcott3
ED Weekes4
SC Williams1
FM Worrell1

Ag WI43 occasions 37 playersCountry
LEG Ames1England
DL Amiss1England
KF Barrington2England
G Boycott1England
DCS Compton1England
MC Cowdrey2England
TW Graveney1England
SC Griffith1England
EH Hendren1England
PBH May1England
JM Parks1England
JDB Robertson1England
MJK Smith1England
M Amarnath1India
ML Apte1India
SA Durrani1India
SM Gavaskar4India
Kapil Dev1India
BP Patel1India
DN Sardesai1India
NS Sidhu1India
PR Umrigar2India
GR Viswanath1India
BC Booth1Australia
AR Border1Australia
RM Cowper1Australia
RN Harvey1Australia
CC McDonald1Australia
AR Morris1Australia
MJ Slater1Australia
KD Walters1Australia
Javed Miandad1Pakistan
Mushtaq Mohammad1Pakistan
Wazir Mohammad1Pakistan
BE Congdon1New Zealand
DJ Cullinan1South Africa
A Flower1Zimbabwe

Century on Debut
WI112AG Ganteaumevs Eng1947/48
 115BH Pairaudeauvs Ind1952/53
Ag WI140SC Griffithfor Eng1947/48

Carried the Bat thro. an innings
WI60* out of 131CC Huntevs Aus1964/65
 143* out of 382DL Haynesvs Pak1992/93

Nervous Nineties : 28 instances 
WI18vs Eng-8, Ind-3, Aus-3, Pak-2, SA-1, NZ-1
 vs IndRB Richardson991988/89 
  MLC Foster991970/71 
  RIC Holder911996/97 
Ag WI10by Eng-4, Aus-2, Pak-2, NZ-1, Ind-1   
 By IndMH Mankad961952/53 

Players scoring 90s
For WI  
LN Constantine1 
CA Davis,1 
MLC Foster1 
DL Haynes1 
GA Headley1 
RIC Holder1 
CL Hooper1 
RD Jacobs1 
AI Kallicharan2 
RB Kanhai1 
BC Lara1 
AL Logie2 
RB Richardson1 
JED Sealy1 
GS Sobers1 
FM Worrell1 

Against WI
AR Border1 
IM Chappell1 
G Boycott2 
TW Graveney1 
MJK Smith1England
Majid Khan1Pakistan
Saeed Ahmed1Pakistan
GM Turner1New Zealand
MH Mankad1India

5 or more wickets in an innings: 69 occasions   
For WI33vs Eng-11, Ind-9, Aus-7, Pak-4, SA-1, NZ-1
Ag WI36by Eng-13, Ind-9, Aus-7, Pak-4, NZ-2, Zim-1

5 wkts in an inngs for India  5 wkts in an inngs by WI against India  
7/162SP Gupte1952/539/95JM Noreiga1970/71
6/120BS Chandrasekhar1975/766/55MD Marshall1988/89
5/58Kapil Dev1988/896/35MA Holding1975/76
5/82BS Bedi1975/765/20WW Hall1961/62
5/95S Venkataraghvan1970/715/34MD Marshall1988/89
5/104A Kumble1996/975/37MD Marshall1982/83
5/107SP Gupte1952/535/74FM King1952/53
5/107PR Umrigar1961/625/87CEL Ambrose1996/97
5/117A Ayub1988/895/129JM Noreiga1970/71

Players who have taken 5 wkts in an innings 
For WI 
 33 occasions by 21 players
CEL Ambrose6
IR Bishop1
BF Butcher1
CEH Croft2
W Ferguson2
J Garner1
LR Gibbs2
CC Griffith2
HC Griffith1
WW Hall1
VA Holder1
MA Holding1
CL Hooper1
Inshan Ali1
FM King1
MD Marshall3
JM Noreiga2
DR Parry1
AME Roberts1
JO Taylor1
CA Walsh1

Ag WI36 occasions by 28 players
IT Botham1England
AR Caddick2England
JE Emburey2England
ARC Fraser2England
AW Greig2England
DE Malcolm1England
PI Pocock1England
FS Trueman1England
W Voce1England
A Ayub1India
BS Bedi1India
BS Chandrasekhar1India
SP Gupte2India
Kapil Dev1India
A Kumble1India
PR Umrigar1India
S Venkataraghavan1India
TJ Jenner1Australia
RR Lindwall1Australia
GD McGrath3Australia
GD McKenzie1Australia
MHN Walker1Australia
Fazal Mahmood1Pakistan
Imran Khan1Pakistan
Mushtaq Mohammad1Pakistan
), EJ Chatfield1New Zealand
BR Taylor1New Zealand
HH Streak1Zimbabwe

Century Partnerships: 90 occasions  
For WI38vs Eng-13, Ind-11, Aus-8, Pak-3, NZ-3
Ag WI52by Eng-17, Ind-15, Aus-8, Pak-7, NZ-3, SA-1, Zim-1

Century Partnerships for India: 15    
1st wktNil; Best 74SM Gavaskar/AV Mankad1970/71
2nd wkt171RS Dravid/NS Sidhu1996/97
 148SM Gavaskar/AL Wadekar1970/71
 144SA Durrani/VL Mehra1961/62
 108M Amarnath/SM Gavaskar1975/76
3rd wkt174NS Sidhu/SR Tendulkar1996/97
 159M Amarnath/GR Viswanath1975/76
 122SM Gavaskar/DN Sardesai1970/71
4th wkt135ML Apte/PR Umrigar1952/53
 106M Amarnath/Yashpal Sharma1982/83
5th wkt204SM Gavaskar/BP Patel1975/76
 131DG Phadkar/PR Umrigar1952/53
 114DN Sardesai/ED Solkar1970/71
6th wkt118DK Gaekwad/PR Umrigar1952/53
7th wkt153ML Apte/MH Mankad1952/53
 134Kapil Dev/SMH Kirmani1982/83
8thNIL; Best 39P Krishnamurthy/S Venkatraghavan1970/71
9thNIL; Best 93RG Nadkarni/PR Umrigar 1961/62
10thNIL; Best 51BK Kunderan/PR Umrigar 1961/62

Century Partnerships against India by West Indies: 11    
1st wkt142*AF Rae/JB Stollmeyer1952/53
2nd wkt176S Chanderpaul/SC Williams1996/97
 119RB Kanhai/ED McMorris1961/62
3rd wkt127*JB Stollmeyer/ED Weekes1952/53
4th wkt237HA Gomes/CH Lloyd1982/83
 124CH Lloyd/IVA Richards1975/76
 101CL Walcott/ED Weekes1952/53
5th wkt219BH Pairaudeau/ED Weekes1952/53
 177CA Davis/GS Sobers1970/71
 122DL Murray/IVA Richards1975/76
6th wkt107BD Julien/IVA Richards1975/76
7th wktNIL; Best 93MLC Foster/DAJ Holford1970/71
8th wktNIL; Best 69RIC Holder/FA Rose1996/97
9th wktNIL; Best 70WW Hall/JL Hendriks1961/62
10th wktNIL; Best 98*WW Hall/FM Worrell1961/62

Best Partnership for each wicket (involving all countries played at this venue)     
1st wkt209DL Amiss/G BoycottEng/WI1973/74
2nd wkt191MC Cowdrey/ER DexterEng/WI1959/60
3rd wkt338ED Weekes/FM WorrellWI/Eng1953/54
4th wkt237HA Gomes/CH LloydWI/Ind1982/83
 237LEG Ames/EH HendrenEng/WI1929/30
5h wkt219BH Pairaudeau/ED WeekesWI/Ind1952/53
6th wkt158PJL Dujon/AL LogieWI/Aus1983/84
7th wkt197JM Parks/MJK SmithEng/WI1959/60
8th wkt136BE Congdon/RS CunisNZ/WI1971/72
9th wkt93RG Nadkarni/PR UmrigarInd/WI1961/62
10th wkt98*WW Hall/FM WorrellWI/Ind1961/62

Most dismissals in a match (6 or more)    
 WI7D Williamsvs Eng1997/98
 7RD Jacobsvs Aus1998/99
 6PJL Dujonvs Ind1988/89
 Ag WI6KS Morefor Ind1988/89
Other 6 dismissals in a match:    
 WI6FCM Alexadervs Eng1959/60
 6JR Murrayvs Aus1994/95
 6RD Jacobsvs SA2000/01

Most dismissals in an innings (4 or more)    
 WI4DM Lewisvs Ind1970/71
 4DL Murrayvs Ind1975/76
 4PJL Dujonvs Ind1988/89
 Ag WI4KS Morefor Ind1988/89
 4RC Russellfor Eng1989/90

Other 4 or more dismissals in an innings    
 WI4 each byFCM Alexandervs Eng1959/60
  PJL Dujonvs Eng1989/90
  D Williamsvs Eng1997/98
  TM Findlayvs NZ1971/72
  DA Murrayvs Aus1977/78
  JR Murrayvs Aus1994/95
  RD Jacobsvs Aus1998/99

Chronological order of matches played between India and West Indies    
 1952/531st TestInd 417/294WI 438/142-0Drawn
 Capt: VS Hazare (Ind)/JB Stollmeyer (WI)
 1952/533rd TestInd 279/362-7 dWI 315/192/2Drawn
 Capt: VS Hazare (Ind)/JB Stollmeyer (WI)
 1961/621st TestInd 203/98WI 289/15-0WI won by 10 wkts
 Capt: NC Contractor (Ind)/FMM Worrell (WI)
 1961/624th TestWI 444-9 d/176-3Ind 197/422WI won by 7 wkts
 Capt: Nawab of Patuadi (Jr)/FMM Worrell (WI)
 1970/712nd TestWI 214/261Ind 352/125-3Ind won by 7 wkts
 Capt: AL Wadekar (Ind)/GS Sobers (WI)
 1970/715th TestInd 360/427WI 526/165-8Drawn
 Capt: AL Wadekar (Ind)/GS Sobers (WI)
 1975/762nd TestWI 241/215-8Ind 402-5 dDrawn
 Capt: BS Bedi (Ind)/CH Lloyd (WI)
 1975/763rd TestWI 359/271-6 dInd 228/406-4Ind won by 6 wkts
 Capt: BS Bedi (Ind)/CH Lloyd (WI)
 1982/832nd TestInd 175/469-7WI 394Drawn
 Capt: Kapil Dev (Ind)/CH Lloyd (WI)
 1988/893rd TestWI 314/266Ind 150/213WI won by 217 runs
 Capt: DB Vengsarkar (Ind)/IVA Richards (WI)
 1996/972nd TestWI 296/299-6Ind 436Drawn
 Capt: SR Tendulkar (Ind)/CA Walsh (WI)
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