India-born captures Sachin Tendulkar - the masterful

Published: Monday, February 3, 2003, 23:53 [IST]
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Bangalore: The World Cup fever is truly on and the any number of books that have hit the stands are testimony to the craze for the game in India. Though joining the array of books, but standing out on its own is Peter Murray's 'World Cup cricket' and  'Sachin Tendulkar - Masterful'. India-born Peter Murray, now settled in Australia, has published and written several sporting books and magazines over the past 25 years. Murray has been responsible for the colourful style and trends of many current sporting publications. "In the early 80s, cricket publications were predominantly published in black and white. I would like to believe that I changed this style by introducing fantastic colourful images in my publications and by using superior glossy paper. It is pleasing to see that every sports magazine now follows this trend and that photographers have taken up the challenge by capturing interesting images, which will be published with confidence," Murray told in an exclusive e-mail interview. Excerpts of the interview: Can you recall your Bangalore days and your most nostalgic moments in the Indian city? My father was in the Army so we were posted to different cities constantly. I was very young when I lived in Bangalore but have faint memories about the place... always busy... bustling and from what I remember very clean compared to places like Mumbai What prompted you to be come an author of sports books? When we migrated to Australia in the late Sixties, I finished my schooling and then became a printer and studied design and art. A friend of mine in Delhi asked me in 1978 to help him out as he needed editorial from the India tour of Australia as he was unable to attend the series. Of course, a lover of the game, I immediately agreed and wrote several articles for him, which were published. I realised at that time that I was a natural at writing cricket and through the years, have been asked to write about all sports. Some of my biggest works include books on Formula One driver Michael Schumacher and the late Ayrton Senna. I have also written books on the Olympic Games as well as food, fashion and lifestyle titles. Apart from authoring books and writing for magazines, what are your other interests? I have been married for 24 years. My wife and I enjoy buying houses and renovating them - I also enjoy travelling and my main interest of course is building my publishing business. We have no children but have been looking to adopt a boy and a girl from India. Your interest in Sachin Tendulkar and more about the book? Like every cricket fan in India, I have a very keen interest in Sachin Tendulkar. He has been inspirational for me in every respect and it has been a pleasure researching and writing about him. My next book - Memorable, is a photo album of his years in cricket and this book has also been very interesting in compiling. I spent a lot of my young years in Mumbai and of course played cricket on the same maidans (grounds) that Sachin played on some 30 years before him. So my research on Sachin was relatively easy. More about your present life in Australia and your Indian connections vis-À-vis visits to India and so on? Having grown up in India, I always felt that I was "Indian". However, with a British background somewhere in my distant past, we were considered to be Anglo-Indian by most Indians. In Australia, the term Anglo-Indian is not known so it has been a difficult task adjusting. I live in the conservative city of Adelaide where the old school tie means everything and as a result, Asians are not readily accepted in all circles. Hence, I have found myself spending more and more time dealing with and doing business in India, which I enjoy very much.

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