Chappell open about having bowling coach

Published: Thursday, June 16, 2005, 23:53 [IST]
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Bangalore:Newly appointed coach of Indian cricket team Greg Chappell today said India would evolve a series-specific and country-specific strategy in a focused and consistent manner to be successful.

Chappell, who arrived here yesterday to formally take charge, told reporters that the team would define important issues to concentrate and work on.

"That (the strategy) will change from day-to-day, series-to-series and country-to country," he said.

"Each country has different wickets, different methods to the game to be successful. In some countries, fast bowlers are the best weapon; in some other countries, spinners are the best weapon," Chappell elaborated.

Chappell indicated that he would not try to replicate the "hardball aggressive" tactics that the Australian team does on the field.

"Every country and every culture is different. Every country has different personalities; each individual is a different personality", he said.

"You can't transplant one format that works in one country in another country and expect it to work exactly the same", Chappell, a former Australian captain, said. Each country has to come up with its own "right system".

He stressed that to be successful, one has to be focused and persistent and be able to keep applying basics better and longer than one's opponent team if one wants to beat them.

As Chappell stressed on the need for the Indian team to focus, one questioner asked him whether the side had earlier lacked it.

"Don't put words in my mouth", Chappell said.

"For the future, we need to be focused if we need to be successful. If we need to be a successful team, we need to focus on things that are important; and not on things that are unimportant", he said.

The Aussie legend expressed keenness to don the role of a selector as well to contribute his inputs gained from his past experience, but said he has an open mind on the issue.

"I have got an open mind about that; I don't have particularly firm view", Chappell told a press conferene here.

He said sitting down with selectors or being in selection panel would give him an opportunity to discuss "some philosophy" that he has, with the selectors who also have"philosophical ideas" as well.

Chappell said having been a selector in the past in Australia and having worked with cricketers for years, he has often found that exchange of ideas and philosophy had helpedmatters.

"So, I am just looking forward to meeting and discussing with the BCCI and how they want to have things pan out", he said, adding "presently, I have an open mind".

On the need for a bowling coach, Chappell said a bowling coach is not needed at this stage but added that the team may have to avail the services of experts in different areas infuture.

"If we need a bowling coach, I am happy to have a bowling coach", Chappell, who arrived in India yesterday to take charge, told reporters here, where he would be based."

But he added: "It's not something that I see or being a top priority right at this moment".

Chappell continued: "From time-to-time and in different conditions in different parts of the world, may be we need to call upon experts in that area and other areas".

"I have no problems with using different experts from different fields at different times", he added.

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