Dalmiya knows only politics, not game: Dungarpur

Published: Tuesday, October 4, 2005, 23:53 [IST]
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Mumbai:Former Cricket Board chief Raj Singh Dungarpur today hit out at his successor Jagmohan Dalmiya by saying the latter did not know a thing about the game and gets tied up in knots when he talks about pure cricket and not its politics.

Dungarpur also accused Dalmiya of "scheming" and of "manipulating men and matters without qualms" and declared the Kolkata businessman should be the last man to talk about logic.

Issuing a statement rebutting Dalmiya's criticism levelled at him through a private TV channel, Dungarpur also said that the statement of Dalmiya to the channel reflected his (Dalmiya's) "confused state of mind and muddle thinking."

"I am not surprised to see my friend Jagmohan Dalmiya tie himself in knots when he talks about pure cricket, and not its politics."

"He is invariably at a loss for words when he talks about cricket because he just doesn't know a thing about the game. No wonder, he pronounces it as "kirkit" or "krikate" and fortunately he doesn't have to spell it," Dungarpur said.

"His reported statement to a private television channel shows his confused state of mind and muddled thinking. He should at least be clear about what leak he is talking about.

"As usual he is brilliantly vague about what he said about Mohammad Azharuddin's selection when I was chairman of the selection committee," the former board chief said.

"If it is about his (Azhar's) selection as captain, then it was a public announcement and I did it calling a press conference, not whispering into the ears of one or two favourite reporters," Dungarpur said.

Taking the issue further with his rival in the board poltics, Dungarpur said he would have ignored Dalmiya's remarks, as he had done earlier by calling him (Dungarpur) insane and mad, but for the fact that Dalmiya had touched a raw nerve by linking him with former India captain Azhar.

"Generally, I would have ignored his utterances like I did when he called me insane and mad (after Dungarpur had accused him of directly or indirectly leaking India coach Greg Chappell's explosive e-mail criticising captain Sourav Ganguly to BCCI president Ranbir Singh Mahendra), but this time he touched a raw nerve by deliberately linking me to Azhar.

"In any case, he should be the last person to talk about Azhar whom I consider one of the finest batsmen and far more human and dignified than Mr Dalmiya.

"I don't hide my liking for him and I still believe the board had been less than fair to the Hyderabadi who has been made to pay for others' sins while people who have done much worse in the name of cricket are masquerading as gentlemen.

"Let me remind Mr Dalmiya that I only think and talk of cricket in my waking hours and dream about the game while asleep, not scheming.

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