Now, Aussie media 'monkeying' around...

Published: Wednesday, January 30, 2008, 3:35 [IST]
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Bangalore: India's conduct was not deplorable as a section in Aussie media made out. There is nothing wrong with BCCI's stance it had taken after Procter's ill-fated decision and it was not in 'way' of influencing appeal proceedings or judgement.

Indian board has every right to stand by its players' interest after a rough treatment meted out on 'em during the ill-fated SCG Test and after.

A section in Aussie media claim richest sporting body (read as BCCI) with its posture before and during the appeal hearing influenced the outcome. By saying so the pro-white media undermined the integrity and competency of Justice Hansen, an ICC appointee.

Indian board had only two options to choose with: Back Harbhajan or Accept the ICC adjudicator/s decision. And the board decided to go with the first one as it was convinced that Bhajji was innocent and was mere a victim of some well planned drama at SCG.

BCCI the world's richest sporting body used its clout to defend its cause-a rightous one. Nothing wrong in it.

What went in the middle on dooms-day in Sydney Test:

The conversation between Aussie players and Harbhajan that was picked up by the Channel Nine stump microphone:

Symonds to Harbhajan: "Go and yell at your teammates. You called me a monkey again?"

Hayden: 'Twice'.

Hayden approaches Harbhajan, saying: "You've got a witness now, champ. That's the last time."

Harbhajan: "No listen, he started it."

Hayden: "It doesn't matter, mate. It's racial vilification. It's a shit word and you know it."

Clarke then approaches umpire Mark Benson, saying: "It's not the first time. He done it in India and got into strife. That's the second time he's done it."

Ponting walks up to Benson and gestures towards umpire Steve Bucknor, saying: "Go and tell him. Go and tell him straight away."

The entire scene looks like a well orchestrated one. How on earth, Clarke fielding at gully and Hayden at slips, can know what went in the middle and mind you it was in the middle of the Lee's over while the bowler and wicketkeeper Gilchrist despite being in better position, were denied a role in this soap opera.

You need not be a rocket scientist to know who started it all.

There was no prima facie evidence on Bhajji calling Symmo monkey. And ICC Ref Procter not considering the dispositions of Tendulkar - a man of integrity- is something unacceptable. With due regards to Procter, the former South African all-rounder, pronounced an one-sided verdict.

Procter is a cricketing man not versed in the intricacies of evidence and may not understand the difference between a balance of probabilities and reasonable doubt is no defence.

How can you ignore an account of no-nonsense Tendulkar, who was very much in the middle and was in better position while accepting the 'stories' of Aussie witnesses, the men known for aggressive sledging, stay their ground firm even after getting thick edges.

It was but obvious that Indian players felt offended and oppressed with the Procter's lop-sided judgement. BCCI, atleast in this context, did a sane thing in backing up the players and threatened CA and ICC of calling off tour midway if racial charges and ban on Bhajji is not revoked.

Now read this what former Somerset batsman turned cricket writer Peter Roeback said after Sydney fiasco: The only surprising part of it is that the Indians have not packed their bags and gone home. There is no justice for them in this country, nor any manners."

And the same gentleman does a volta face. He writes deploring India's threat to pull out of the series if justice not been done in the case.

"India's performance in chartering a plane to take the players back home in the event of an independent judge finding against them in the Harbhajan Singh case counted amongst the most nakedly aggressive actions taken in the history of a notoriously fractious game. If this is the way the Indian board intends to conduct its affairs hereafter, then God help cricket," writes Peter Reoback in his column for Sydney Morning Herald.

Clearly this shows that Peter Roebuck, an Oxford born Aussie citizen, has lost it and he plays to the gallery. He has lost credibility. By doing this he clearly paints himself as pro-west and pro-white. This is something least expected from Mr Roebuck...


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