Jihadis want to kill Cricket in Pakistan

Written by: Rajesh Krishna
Published: Thursday, March 5, 2009, 14:53 [IST]
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'Jihadis want to eliminate cricket'

Bangalore: For Jihadis playing cricket is against Islam-because they distract one from worshipping Allah.

Zarb-e-Taiba magazine of Lashkar-e-Taiba in its 2004 edition noted that Pakistanis are committing suicide after losing cricket matches to India. But they are not sacrificing their lives to protect the honour of the raped Kashmiri women. “To watch a cricket match, we would take a day-off from work. But for jihad, we have no time!"

By contrast, Zarb-e-Taiba pointed to the case of the Islamists" arch-foe Israel. Israel, it observed, is a very tiny country. “[But] It does not play cricket. Therefore, it is progressing. We should throw the bat and seize the sword and instead of hitting six or four, cut the throats of the Hindus and the Jews."

Zarb-e-Taiba sternly added that the sports of a mujahid are archery, horse-riding and swimming. Apart from these sports, every hobby is un-Islamic. The above are not just sports but exercises for jihad. Cricket is an evil and sinful sport. “Under the intoxication of cricket, Pakistanis have forgotten that these Hindu players come from the same nation that had raped our mothers, sisters, daughters, wives and daughters-in-law.

Jihadis and other deeply relegious Muslims in Pakistan have often found occasion to rail against cricket in the years since that article appeared in Zarb-e-Taiba.

Jihadis attack against Sri Lankan cricketers in Lahore had just one aim, to threaten Pakistani state and civil society about consequences of playing cricket, which they claim is part of plot to destroy Islam.


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