PCB should coach BCCI men

Written by: Rajesh Krishna
Published: Monday, June 22, 2009, 13:34 [IST]
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PCB should coach BCCI men

Bangalore: When compared to PCB, BCCI had everything, power, money and glamour, but they miserably failed to build a patriotic team which play as a single unit.

In contrast, PCB was a disturbed house due to the political and economic crisis in Pakistan. PCB chairman was changed by the government on monthly basis due to the internal squabbles with in the Pakistan government.

All the cricket playing nations refused to tour Pakistan after the terror attack on Sri Lankan cricket team and Pakistan was thus alienated from cricket world.

Despite of all this shortcomings, Pakistan Cricket Board succeeded in turning a bunch of raw players into a team with true patriotic feeling. This good work of PCB paid off as their team returned with T20 world cup shocking the so called 'hot favorites' in T20 world.

'Pakistan are the Badshahs of T20 world'

Meanwhile, BCCI was working over time for the success of Indian Premier League. They even neglected national elections for the giant egos of movie stars and business magnates.

They were not bothered about the India's world cup preparations and concluded that IPL matches would provide good practice sessions for the T20 world cup.

BCCI had given green signal to carry five injured players to England despite the warning by Indian team physio. This incident itself shows the seriousness in which BCCI treated the T20 World Cup. How can we expect a cup after sending such substandard team to England?

T20 World Cup-Fixture | Results | Points | Top 10 Players(R/W)

Heroes of the BCCI's IPL matches were not cricketers, but it was film stars, business magnates and IPL's own buxom bellies named 'cheer leaders'. Players were not given due importance during this matches. It is to be recalled that no players from champions Pakistan had played in the recently concluded IPL in South Africa.

Even after India's humiliating exit from T20 world cup, BCCI was not ready to accept their mistakes and they blasted at the coach Kirsten who candidly said that Indian players were too tired after playing in the Indian Premier League which led to India's debacle in the ICC World Twenty20.

Lalit Modi, 'the man of the tournament in the IPL 2', was not available for a comment after his brain child IPL was accused of India's exit in the T20 World Cup.

The BCCI had become sole players in this market and minting money from Cricket which is the biggest and most passionate sport followed by millions in this country.

Indian cricketers is in the hands of BCCI are just puppets. They have become money mongers who lacks any commitment and dedication to the nations. Indian players are nothing but a bunch of paper tigers who know to mint money when the going gets easy and talk of giving the best when they fail.

It is high time for India to step in, sack BCCI, and rebuild a patriotic team – not some money mongers losing game after game!


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