Sachin or Akshay-Who is the richest god in India?

Written by: Rajesh Krishna
Published: Friday, July 24, 2009, 11:32 [IST]
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Who is the richest god in India?

Cricket and Bollywood are two modern religions in India. Similarly, our new 'Gods" are the stars of cricket and Bollywood.

As the mythological Gods used to teach people about the moral responsibilities, the modern days gods teach consumers about the appropriate behavior at the Indian market.

There is no doubt that Sachin Tendulkar is highest paid cricket player or one of the richest cricket players in India as well as in the World. He is the ultimate god in Indian cricket. Similarly, action hero Akshay Kumar, who has emerged as the highest paid actor in the recent years is the ultimate god in the bollywood.

Now, who is the richest god in India?

If the income is calculated on the basis of the amount of tax payed, then cricket gods are nowhere near to bollywood stars in India.

Akshay Kumar paid Rs 31 crore as the advance tax for the current financial year, an amount four times bigger than Sachin Tendulkar who paid Rs 8 crore as the advance tax.

Sachin tops the tax chart

Like wise second in the Bollywood list is King Khan who paid Rs 30 crore, whereas Indian cricket team captain Dhoni, who came second  in cricketers list paid only Rs 4.7 crore as the tax.

When the top five bollywood stars collectively paid Rs 92 crores, where as the same set from cricketers paid only Rs 20 crores as the tax.

These statics underlines the fact that Bollywood has a significant edge over cricketers in the market.

The truth is that Cricket is a greater gamble than Bollywood. You can imagine an advertiser"s loss when an expensive cricket star is dropped from the team for under-performance! Film stars careers also go through ups and downs, but are relatively more predictable. In-short, people forgive Bollywood stars more than cricketers.

Cricketers (Tax in Rs)                    Bollywood Stars (Tax in Rs)

Sachin (8.1 crore)                                  Akshay Kumar (31 crore)
Dhoni (4.7 crore)                                   Shah Rukh Khan (30.99 crore)
Sehwag (3.1 crore)                                Salman Khan (14 crore)
Yuvraj (2.6 crore)                                  Saif Ali Khan (8.6 crore)
Dravid (2.4 crore)                                  Rajesh Khanna (6.87 crore)

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