India high-time get their 'Fielding' right

Published: Sunday, June 6, 2010, 14:34 [IST]
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Indian Fielding needs a 'Big' change

After a crushing defeat against the Sri Lankan side and being knocked out in the process India have a lot to learn from the experience.

Though I was not into every detail of the game for the tournament, I've ever been a keen observer on Indian fielding and I must say the team has never been able to come up the ranks. It's really sad to see the Indians never being able to throw their bodies around and even if they do, being hit by injuries and seated out for the rest of the season.

As a cricket fan, I've always found fielding to be an integral part and always used to admire the likes of Herchelle Gibbs, Jonty Rhodes taking a flier. It must be such a confidence booster to pull off a ripper of a catch or to save some crucial runs for a team, but I don't feel the Indian cricket team feels that way.

And my personal experience in gully cricket or school tournaments, If I field well and manage to take a flier or save some runs, I would be high on confidence while batting.

Perhaps there are exceptions, and being a cricket fan I might be keeping too much a expectation but I've always tried to see the improvements but to no avail.

"When Yuvraj was raw and made his debut, he was terrific. If we had to keep a statistics of how much runs he saved, catches he had taken, the difficulties involved in taking that catch, the run-outs and how it affected the final outcome of the match it would surely make a large positive difference. And yeah we can add the motivation factor, the team getting motivated after a catch, and obviously the catcher himself getting sky-high confidence."

Every one knows that every performance comes with hard work and interest and the entire thing is missing in the players atleast in the fielding department. Or maybe we have that attitude that we can defeat the opponents with our batting display or bowling which is a highly foolish thought.

And I believe fielding is a pure technique with little bit of luck just like batting or bowling, and the way Indian players make a run shows it all, shows complete negligence of fielding. If we look at the Aussies or the South Africans or New Zealanders, most of the players are agile, on their toes and particular about their fielding. And their technique seems to be rock solid just like their batting or their bowling.

Why can't such a big cricketing nation, with IPL etc motivate itself to have an excellent fielding set-up. And the saddest part is that we know it is not impossible and we have that infrastructure and the support but still just turn our heads down and indulge in things which are less important.

"I've always liked Mohammad Kaif for his excellent fielding and for always giving his heart while playing for the nation. In my opinion he is the bestest ground-fielder India has ever produced."

But everything of that is missing now, we say we have a young Indian side but annoyingly no youngsters seems to enjoy fielding.

International level, cricket at the highest level and Indian fielding still well below par, a very saddening sight to see.

Look at the Sri Lankans, how they fielded against the Indian team, their ground fielding, saving so many runs which is always wonderful sight to see for every cricket fan and most importantly getting that 'confidence booster' that I mentioned earlier and batting with a high spirit.

The Zimbabweans as well, though they are considered as minnows, they have always been an excellent fielding outfit. If we look at the facts, they made the all important run-outs in the first match and as well as the second match which was also one big factor why the Indians lost.

Like I already mentioned, Maybe I am too demanding, maybe the cricketers have other pressures to handle, maybe I don't understand national pressure but I feel I do understand the game and I do understand the differences the players make on the field.

They are serving for the nation at the paramount level, being paid handsomely and being treated like a King off the field, It would have been a refreshing sight to see if the players could atleast try and bring a change instead of being stuck up playing conventional cricket.

Things change with time, but I guess my call, whatever I jotted down will ever be unheard, remain under cover away from the Indian cricket national representatives, team management, and most importantly cricketers who enter into the international arena with a lot of 'promise' and who eventually shy away from the 'promise'.


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