Why other boards don't defy BCCI on DRS

Published: Thursday, June 23, 2011, 13:38 [IST]
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Why other boards don't defy BCCI on DRS

London, June 23: Other boards, stand up for your rights and over-ride the BCCI's opposition to the Decision Review System: that's the advice from former England batsman Geoff Boycott who has become a vociferous proponent of the technology.

But Boycott follows up that gung-ho proposal by pointing out that the Indian board has far too much financial leverage to be challenged on the issue. Yet he exhorts the other Test playing nations to nevertheless band together and overcome such an impediment.

"If a majority of the ICC countries believe that the DRS is a good improvement for international cricket, they should vote for it and say, 'Sorry India, you are in a minority.' It's supposed to be a democracy around the world, where the majority takes precedence," Boycott said while speaking to a sports reporting agency.

The ICC cricket committee is due to discuss a series of possible amendments to the rules of the game at its annual conference in Hong Kong at June-end, among which the DRS is at the top of the agenda. But even if the DRS issue gets a hands down approval from the majority of the boards, Boycott feels it wouldn't be easy to vote in favour of it. "Many countries that play cricket are frightened to death of India's financial power. You've got to understand that before you get to voting on anything at the ICC."

The crux of the dispute is that India has the singular ability to fill up the depleted coffers of the other boards. This is because the potential television rights by hosting India is something the other boards would not like to hazard losing by quibbling with BCCI on the DRS issue.

Thus Boycott adds, "When you play international cricket, every country has its own television rights with its home broadcaster. When India come, you've got a number of TV stations queuing up in India to get the rights to beam the coverage in India and they pay a lot of money for that. Other countries don't have the same financial buying power.

Even though, India's clout has usurped that of the traditional hegemony of England and Australia (both of whom are in favour of the DRS), Boycott feels that there is no reason why the BCCI should rule with an iron hand as they did, and not be amenable to modifying the game.

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