'Flannels on the Sward' - The untold American cricket history

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Updated: Thursday, December 11, 2014, 22:47 [IST]
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Very few know that America has cricket history dating as far back as 1650s and England visited the United States in 1859 for their first overseas cricket tour.

Facts such as these and many untold stories are captured in the book "Flannels on the Sward" by Jayesh Patel.

The untold American cricket history

Patel, who was an active cricketer in school and college, played three-day matches with Gujarat Ranji Trophy players. (You can buy the book here)

Now based in the United States, Patel is reliving the game through memorabilia collection and in the process going back further in time to discover the wonderful origins of cricket in America.

"The book is about the remarkable but untold American cricket history which traces the origins of cricket in America from its early days to modern times," Patel informed ThatsCricket.

"One does not normally associate America with cricket but the reality is that after England, America has the earliest cricketing history & pioneers going as far back as 1650s!," he added.

He continued: "The first time an English team left for an overseas tour to play cricket, was to America and Canada in 1859, even before they visited Australia.

"Australia and Ireland started visiting Philadelphia which was the cricketing capital in America & they in turn sent teams to play in England."

The book also covers Canadian and West India history and a game called 'Wicket' which was mainly played in New England for 300 years which may be the precursor to modern cricket.

The book has unique and some never before seen pictures.

It took Patel three years of non-stop writing and research to put this book together. It was literally a daily effort including weekends and holidays.

Patel said it has been a "marathon effort" to bring out this book and hoped it would be do well.

"It has been a marathon effort on my part and excited to hear the reader's opinions and how the book's history will be viewed and accepted.

"As an author/cricketer I do hope the book will do well with fellow cricket enthusiast & sports historians."

The book has gone on sale on Amazon website on January 10, 2014 where it is listed at $29 (less 5%). However, the author is offering a special 15% discount as a promotion for a limited time. But that discount code - 6ZWCGLN8 can only be used on www.createspace.com/4340859

About the author

The author was an active cricketer in his younger days having played with state level cricketers and now reliving through his memorabilia collection and in the process going back further in time to discover the wonderful origins of cricket in America. Besides cricket, the author has worked in the Aerospace industry in Procurement/Project Engineering/Management for more than 15 years and now hoping to branch out into self-publishing with baby steps.


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