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Cricket » Statistics » Scorecard» Australia Vs South Africa

Australia Vs South Africa

Venue: Kensington Oval, Bridgetown
Match Date: 19th June 2016 (50-over match) Start Time: 10:30 pm IST
Toss: Australia won the toss and decided to field
Match Type: ODI
Umpires: HDPK Dharmasena, JS Wilson
Third umpire: RA Kettleborough
Referee: JJ Crowe


0.6 Starc to Amla back of length and holding its line outside off stump, Amla lifts his bat and let\'s it pass through to the keeper
0.6 Starc to Amla third wide of the over, tad full and well wide outside off stump, does not bother to play at it
0.5 Starc to de Kock fuller on the stumps, flicks it again, the ball races away to deep backward square leg for a single
0.4 Starc to de Kock seaming down the leg side, mistimes the flick, the ball brushes his pad and rolls to square leg
0.4 Starc to de Kock fullish and down the leg side, another wide
0.3 Starc to de Kock slower and seaming in on the stumps, tries to defend it to off side and gets an inside edge to short leg
0.2 Starc to de Kock touch back of length and too straight on the stumps, de Kock gets behind the line and blocks it down the wicket
0.1 Starc to de Kock First Boundary of the innings, pitched up and in the channel outside off, de Kock leans down and slices it to deep backward point fence
0.1 Starc to de Kock starts with banged in short and in the channel outside off stump, de Kock leaves it alone. Wide signalled
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